ASU participated in the XXVII European Society for Rural Sociology Congress


During the last week of July (on the 24-28th) three representatives of ASU participated in the XXVII European Society for Rural Sociology Congress “Uneven processes of rural change: On diversity, knowledge and justice” in the Jagiellonian University in Krakow (Poland). Prof. dr. Vilma Atkočiūnienė (with the support by Research Council of Lithuania), assoc. prof. dr. Ilona Kiaušienė and assoc. prof. dr. Gintarė Vaznonienė (with the support by Erasmus training programme) from the Faculty of Economics and Management, Business and Rural Development Management Institute had a great opportunity to be a part of this worldwide known scientific event. The main aim of this scientific visit was to take part in the Congress and make presentations based on Lithuanian case, take part in discussions, deepen knowledge in rural sociology and methodology, also rural development issues, to build up new contacts with scientists in rural development sphere.

The Congress was organized by The European Society for Rural Sociology and Jagiellonian University. The Congress was opened by the The Local Organising Committee, The Chair of the Scientific Committee Joost Dessein announced the main aims of the Congress as well he emphasized that every scientist has a duty to public the results of implemented research, get acquaintance with good experience from other countries, deepen own knowledge and develop collaboration possibilities. The list of scientists who took part in this Congress included


participants from Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, USA, Canada, Norway etc. (in total more than 30 countries). Scientists made presentations on the following topics mainly focusing on rural development, quality of life, social exclusion and social inequality, development of social infrastructure, unemployment, migration issues, discussed farming (eg. formation of short food supply chains), resources distribution and their proper usage questions and other topics based on the present and future situation in rural areas. The Congress Programme and Abstracts book is available at .


The work during the Congress was realised in the 30 Working groups. The representatives of ASU took part in 4 plenary sessions, listened to 6 worldwide known scientists’ presentations, and were participants in the discussions. Prof. dr. V. Atkočiūnienė took part in the 24th Working group with the topic „Challenges and opportunities in farmer markets: the case of Lithuania“, assoc. prof. dr.
I. Kiaušienė in the 12th Working group with the topic „Rural social infrastructure development in solving demographic problems“ and assoc. prof. dr. G. Vaznonienė in the 3rd Working group with the topic „Green infrastructure spaces as a well-being factor for rural youth“. Prof. dr.
V. Atkočiūnienė also took part in the scientific discussion „World cafe – lessons learned and emerging findings“ in the 24th Working group „Small farms, local and global markets, and food for all“ where were generated 4 ideas for new scientific articles.

The representatives from ASU during the visit to the Jagiellonian University also paid attention to the other important things considering scientific activity: there were collected contacts from other scientists who make research in the fields of short food supply chains and rural social infrastructure development; it is planned to collaborate with other scientists in preparing future projects; there was gained useful knowledge about international research methodologies which could be a part of future research.


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