ASU visited Tsotne Mirtskhulava Water Management Institute of Georgian Technical University


Lecturer Otilija Miseckaite (Institute of the Water Resources Engineering, Faculty of Water and Land Management) with the support by Erasmus training programme visited Tsotne Mirtskhulava Water Management Institute of Georgian Technical University on 20 – 26 August 2017, Tbilisi, Georgia.

The aim of this visit was to discuss and establish the background for future scientific cooperation and organization of research projects with the Georgian Technical University (GTU) scientists, who are working in the water management and environmental engineering fields, participation in international conference and to build up new contacts with scientists.

Georgian Technical University is the main and largest technical university in Georgia, founded in 1922 as a polytechnic faculty of Tbilisi State University. At present, in the nine faculties University (Civil engineering, Power Engineering and Telecommunication, Mining and Geology, Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Transportation and Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning and Design, Informatics and Control Systems, Business-Engineering, Agricultural Sciences and Biosystems Engineering), at International Design School and Ts. Mirtskhulava Water Management Institute studies over 20 thousand students. GTU joined Bologna process and introduced 60 ECTS credits in 2005.

After meetings with partners from Ts. Mirtskulava Water Management Institute, and visiting laboratories, discussions about the prospects of scientific cooperation and organization of research projects, Lect. Otilija Miseckaite attended the VII international scientific and technical conference ,,Modern problems of water management, environmental protection, architecture and construction“ in Tbilisi.  Ts. Mirtskhulava Water Management Institute of GTU organized this conference. The main aim of the Conference was to provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experience relating to environmental protection, sustainable development, and technology, innovation issues. Participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Poland, Lithuania and Russia took part in this Conference; more than 40 topics were presented. Scientists made presentations on the following topics mainly focusing on water security, water management, environmental protection on the present and future. Lect. Otilija Miseckaite make presentations based on Lithuanian case, take part in discussions about water management, environmental engineering, testing methods and equipment’s with scientists from another’s countries.


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