Co-operation visit at University of Dubrovnik


Assoc. Prof. Jolita Greblikaite (Faculty of Economics and Management, Business and Rural Development Management Institute) was visiting University of Dubrovnik in Croatia. The cooperation between Aleksandras Stulginskis University and University of Dubrovnik was by Jolita Greblikaite and prof. Ivona Raguz already for several years. University of Dubrovnik is the youngest university in Croatia. Firstly, it was oriented to maritime studies, but now it has Business and Economics studies. Assoc. prof. Jolita Greblikaite was visiting University of Dubrovnik during the International week organised for visiting researchers and professors from abroad. Colleagues from different universities and colleges of Poland, Turkey, Germany, etc. were participating in the event.

During the visit, assoc. prof. Jolita Greblikaite was presenting her research to students, discussed co-operation possibilities in common research (scientific publications, projects, etc.) As a member of organising committee of international scientific conference “Rural Development” Jolita Greblikaite invited colleagues from Dubrovnik to visit the future event and university.

It was very pleasant to meet Lithuanian students studying under Erasmus in University of Dubrovnik. Bachelor student Ruta (Logistics and sales programme) is very content with her visit and studies in Croatia.