International workshop in Hungary


Scientists from the Faculty of Economics and Management with colleagues from Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Mendel University in Brno (Czech Republic), Association of Slovak Young Farmers (ASYF), The Young Agrarians‘ Society of the Czech Republic and Hungary Agricultural and Rural Youth Association (AGRYA) implement Erasmus+ project “Sustainability of Small and Family Farms”. The aim of this project is to strengthen cooperation in the field of innovative pedagogical activities between the selected higher educational institutions and professional practice. During the 4-8th of June there was organised the 2nd workshop of this project, where took part project participants from Business and Rural Development Management Institute prof. dr. Vilma Atkočiūnienė, institute director prof. dr. Jan Žukovskis, assoc. prof. dr. Ilona Kiaušienė and assoc. prof. dr. Gintarė Vaznonienė as well as prof. dr. Neringa Stončiuvienė from the Institute of Economics, Accounting and Finance.

The main purpose of this project partners meeting was organised to discuss the results of the 1st stage of the project and the further works of 2nd stage, to match up the spread of information and directions of analysis. Discussing the results of the 1st stage representors from Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra presented the Methodology of farms evaluation. Furthermore describing the marketing environment of agriculture in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Hungary, prof. dr. Jan Žukovskis made presentation “Agricultural and food production in Republic of Lithuania”, also assoc. prof. dr. Gintarė Vaznonienė made presentation “Position of Young, Small and Family farmers in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary“.

The purpose of the 2nd stage of the project is to prepare the methodological publication “Analysis of Small Farms in the Central European Space” and according to this big part of the workshop was dedicated to describe and prove the content of this publication. The structure and already written parts of this publication was presented by prof. dr. Vilma Atkočiūnienė. All participants had possibility to share their opinion how to make this publication more informative and useful.

This meeting was constructive and full of productive communication and collaboration among representors’ of mentioned universities and young farmers’ organisations. Everybody expressed their opinion and experience about young farmers’ situation in project partners’ countries, gave suggestions for the improvement of project stages and anticipated results. This meeting was enriched by possibility to live in a rural area Soponya in Hungary, participants lived and worked in the community lodgement as well as participants had a possibility to visit local family and small farms, to exchange the ideas and experience of farming activity.

The final day of the project meeting ASU scientists also visited Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture and had meeting with its director Dora Dexler. This Institute has successful work with international projects and there was discusses possibility to collaborate with ASU scientists in the future.