Biodiesel, bioethanol and biological lubricants laboratory

Biodiesel, bioethanol and biological lubricants laboratory was founded in 2012. Laboratory decide problems of renewable raw materials usage in biodiesel and biolubricants synthesis. There are investigated: various types of oil, fatty waste, various alcohol usage possibilities in biodiesel production; properties of new kind of biodiesel and biolubricants; suitability to use in diesel engine; analyzed possibilities to improve the quality of products, exhaust emissions using biofuel, biological degradation.


  • Biodiesel
  • Bioethanol
  • Biolubricans
  • Liquid biofuel


Bio raw materials and waste recycling and the use for non-food needs


  • Researches of biofuel production, usage and environmental impact.
  • Applied researches of microalgae usage (biodiesel production) in energetics.
  • Determination of elemental composition in organic and non-organic solutions.
  • Researches of biodiesel and other biomass product quality indexes.
  • Determinataion of elemental composition of liquid and solid substances (CHNS/O).
  •  Researches of biolubricants physical properties.
  • Experimental works of bacherlors, masters and PhD are carried out in the laboratory.



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