Congress “Eurosoil2016” in Istabul


On October 16-21th assoc. prof. dr. Nomeda Sabienė from the Environmental Institute and assoc. prof. dr. Rimantas Vaisvalavičius from the  Institute of the Agroecosystems and Soil Science  have participated at the Congress “Eurosoil2016” at the Istanbul

51 sessions and 132 posters were presented from 36 countries in the various issues of the soil quality, such as soil genesis, sustainable management, climate change and pollution. At the Young Forum “Sustainable soil management for soil conservation and sustainable productivity” the representatives of the participating countries expressed their views on 3 topics: 1) Soil Management; 2) Awareness raising: Enhancing technical cooperation, policy, education, awareness and extension in soil; 3) Interactions between Climate Change, Carbon Cycle and Food Security.

Dr. Nomeda Sabienė has been moderator of the section 2. Various problems of the land degradation were mentioned in different countries, and the importance of the education when increasing young peoples‘ awareness and responsibility was stressed at the discussion. Joint declaration of the Young Forum participants at the Congress’ closing meeting was presented.

Dr. Rimantas Vaisvalavičius has presented oral presentation and poster about genesis and management of the Retisols.

Abstracts of all the presentations You can find in ASU e-library.

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