Cooperation with scientists of the Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University


Professor Juozas Padgurskas (Institute of the Transport and Machinery Engineering) visited Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great (SPPU) on 12–16 December 2016. The purpose of this visit was to establish and strengthen the scientific cooperation with the SPPU scientists, who are working in the mechanical engineering. material science and tribology fields.

SPPU is one of the oldest and largest technical Universities in Russia, which was founded in 1899. About 30 thousand students are currently studying in the University. Important focuses of the University is given to tribology (friction, lubrication and wear of machinery details). The subject is coordinated by the Department of Machinery Science and Machine Design of the Institute of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport. The importance of tribology issues is evidenced by the fact that this year in the University is opened an international research and study centre BaltTribo-Polytechnic. Our University has signed a letter of intent to participate in the activities of the Centre. The main department of scientific activities are: 1. Simulation of tribological processes in mechanical systems; 2. Lubricants; 3. The science and reliability of mechanical systems.

During the visit was made the report about the studies and research at the University Aleksandras Stulginskis, presented information about studies and research on mechanical engineering and tribology. At the roundtable discussion with the department and the international centre scientists were discussed the possibilities of joint research and cooperation perspectives, as well as the possibility of the development of cooperation between universities within the framework of the ERASMUS+ programme.

It should be mentioned that at the SPPU are developed not only study and research facilities, but also the cultural events at the University community. Historic building of the University is the White Hall, where several times a week in the evenings, a variety of concerts takes place. The team of the SPPU partners made possible to participate in two concerts during the visit: the Choirs concert and the Symphony Orchestra in the “classic”.

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