International hunting symposium in Debrecen, Hungary


“The 5th International Hunting Symposium 2016” was held in Hungary, Debrecen city, in November 10 – 12. Symposium was organized by group of scientists from Hungarian university of Debrecen, together with scientists from Serbian university of Novi Sad and Slovenian Forestry Institute.

The symposium was small according to number of participants. 24 oral and 22 poster presentations were presented during the symposium. Two members were delegated from Aleksandras Stulginskis university, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Ecology: lecturer dr. Gintarė Sabalinkienė and Ph.D. student Artūras Kibiša. During the symposium the main actual topics were discussed concerning game management. A lot of attention was devoted to ungulate migration and spatial distribution in their home range area, using different tracing methods, factors influencing wildlife genetic diversity – introduction of alien species in the past and consequences of their hybridization with local species, wildlife migration disturbance by fencing roads, ect. Several presentations were dedicated to wildlife diseases and parasites, wildlife mortality on road, brown hare and grey partridge population decrease.

Scientists from Hungary and Serbia discussed about increasing problem due to high crow bird population increment in big cities. Ph.D. student Artūras Kibiša presented population quality of free ranging European bison in Lithuania, bison spatial distribution in their home range area and bison damage caused to agricultural fields. Dr. Gintarė Sabalinkienė presented the adequacy and efficiency of practical and scientific roe deer age determination methods and their importance in roe deer population management. Participation in hunting symposium gave a great opportunity to meet scientists from different countries, working on the same or similar topics in game management study area. Possibility to discus and share the knowledge and opinions is always a very good tool, inspiring future works for scientists.

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