Laboratory of Structures and Building Materials

Laboratory of Building Materials was founded in 1975 and from this moment are testing main building materials used in hydraulic structures. From 1995 to 2000 the Laboratory had certificate to test concrete, concrete aggregates, road materials (sand, gravel, crushed gravel), reinforcement, inserts and other building materials and products for estimation main certification indexes. In Laboratory are also can be estimated the suitability of aggregates for production of concrete and mortar, are calculating the compositions of concrete and mortars. For more than 10 years Laboratory keeps carrying out the research of ecology building materials like unburned clay and straw. In 2010 the name of Laboratory was changed to Laboratory of Structures and Building Materials.


  • Buildings and structures research;
  • Expertize of hydraulic structures;
  • Building materials testing.


  • Longevity research of hydraulic engineering and agricultural building structures and materials;
  • Usability of local and low energy required building materials for agricultural building construction.


  • Evaluation of technical state of concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry structures.
  • Expertize of hydraulic engineering structures.
  • Estimation of properties of building materials and products.
  • Engineering structures construction supervision.


  • Evaluation of technical state of hydraulic engineering structures in Kruonis Pumped Storage Plant.
  • Multi-criteria Comparative Analysis of Water-supply and Sewerage Pipes and Rings Manufactured from Different Materials.
  • Expertize of hydraulic engineering structures in Kelme district.
  • Evaluation of technical state of Kertuojai hydroscheme and analysis of possibilities for structural repair and reconstruction.
  • Evaluation of concrete in Marijampole waste water treatment station.
  • Praparation of construction regulations “General construction works“, “Hydraulic engineering construction works“, “Bridges, overpasses, overhead roads, tunnels, retaining walls, cable roads“.
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