Synthesis gas, second generation liquid biofuel and biohydrogen laboratory

Synthesis gas, second generation liquid biofuel and biohydrogen laboratory was established in 2012. The establishment of laboratory was stimulated by adopted European as well as Lithuanian normative documents promoting the application of non-food materials for biofuel production as well as implementation of second generation biofuel production and usage. They stimulated the start of research concerned with second generation liquid biofuel and synthesis gas production from various biomass resources, as well as analysis of fuel properties and influence on environment.


  • Investigation of gas properties and its composition.
  • Evaluation of efficiency of gas cleaning methods in dependence on gas composition, yield and production technologies.
  • Investigation of biogas application possibilities in synthesis of second generation biofuel.
  • Investigation of production, usage and environmental impact of second generation biofuel.
  • Investigation of microalgae application for energy production (biogas, biodiesel).


  • Eureka project E! 5030 BIOGASFUEL Development & implementation of a dual-fuel supply system in diesel engines using biogas/pilot dose of diesel fuels. 20102013. Sponsorship – Lithuania’s Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA).
  • Improvement of biogas quality in order to use it for transport or supply to natural gas pipelines. 20122013. Sponsorship – Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Usage of butanol and inappropriate for food oil for biotechnological synthesis of biodiesel. 2013-2015. Sponsorship – Research Council of Lithuania.
  • FP7 „Researcher’s night 2013“.
  • FP7 „Researcher’s night 2012“.
  • FP7-PEOPLE-2009-NIGHT. „Researcher’s night in Lithuania 2009“ (ReNiLi2009).


  • Identification of unknown materials;
  • Estimation of their amounts;
  • Investigation of gas composition.



  • E. Sendžikienė. 2013 04 – 2014 04 Lithuanian national scholarship of World Federation of Scientists.
  • E. Sendžikienė. Science prise laureate diploma of Aleksandras Stulginskis University (2nd place). 2013.
  • E. Sendžikienė. Laureate of Lithuanian science premium (with authors) in the field of technological sciences for fundamental and applied scientific research work “New feedstocks and methods for biodiesel production”. 2011.
  • E. Sendžikienė. Science prize laureate diploma of Lithuanian University of agriculture. 2010.
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