Teaching visits

Information for foreign teachers and researchers

Foreign teachers and researchers are invited to visit Aleksandras Stulginskis University (ASU) for teaching, training or research cooperation visits. There are different possibilities for the funding of such visits:

  • Funding of Lithuanian Science Council Funding of Lithuanian Science Council by the for Activities of the measures of the European Union funds investment program 01.2.2-LMT-K-718 “Targeted research in the field of intellectual specialty” in the “Selection of foreign scientists for research”.
  • EU ERASMUS programme visits. The grants for such visits are allocated by the international offices of home university. The list of partner universities which have an ERASMUS agreement with ASU and can finance teaching or training visit is presented here:


  • Lithuanian state scholarships programme. The scholarships for Lithuanian language and culture courses, short–term (1-2 semesters) studies of BSc, MSc and PhD study or research mobility of all fields are funded through Education Exchanges Support Foundation (SMPF). The information is presented here: http://www.stipendijos.lt/en

Teachers, researcher and PhD students looking for study and research fields of ASU and wishing to find the partners at ASU, can visits the following web-sites.

Study programmes of ASU are presented here:


ASU research fields at the faculties are presented here:

– Faculty of Agronomy: http://af.asu.lt/?page_id=3152&lang=en
– Faculty of Agricultural Engineering: http://zuif.asu.lt/en/research/
– Faculty of Economics and Management: http://evf.asu.lt/en/about-faculty/research/1222-2/
– Faculty of Forest Sciences and Ecology: http://mef.asu.lt/en/research/
– Faculty of Water and Land Management: http://vuzf.asu.lt/en/research/

Teaching and research staff at the faculties are available at web-sites of departments and institutes:
– Faculty of Agronomy: http://af.asu.lt/?page_id=1544&lang=en
– Faculty of Agricultural Engineering: http://zuif.asu.lt/en/departments/
– Faculty of Economics and Management: http://evf.asu.lt/en/departments/
– Faculty of Forest Sciences and Ecology: http://mef.asu.lt/en/institutes/
– Faculty of Water and Land Management: http://vuzf.asu.lt/en/departments/


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