Business, science, studies

The University has created a unique form of cooperation with business – exhibitions of forestry and agriculture „Ką pasėsi“ and „Sprendimų ratas“, which provide students with the possibility to get directly acquainted with the newest agricultural technologies. These are international exhibitions involving over 150 large companies and about 200 small producers.
University, together with social partners, is establishing an integrated valley of science, studies and business „Nemunas“. Implementation of the valley development project, the value of which is over 80 mln. Lt, creates improved conditions for the progress of research and studies at the University.
Business companies award scholarships to the outstanding students; it is possible to conclude a scholarship agreement with certain business companies for the period of four years of studies before entering Aleksandras Stulginskis University.
Graduates of ASU, who have become owners or executives of large and innovative companies, or work in the leading enterprises and organizations of the country, do not make a break with this Alma Mater. They are faithful supporters of the University and contribute to renewal of auditoriums, equipment of modern laboratories and management of the environment. Companies, which are under their leadership, receive ASU students for practical training and provide employments for graduates.
University graduates are united by the club „LŽŪU alumni“.