Structure of studies

The University provides three cycles of studies: first cycle basic (undergraduate) studies (Bachelor studies), second cycle Master degree (graduate) studies and third cycle (postgraduate) doctoral (PhD) studies. After first cycle studies graduates receive Bachelor degree in the corresponding field. The basic studies take 4 years, part-time studies – 6 years. Having finished the basic studies the graduate have a possibility of studies for Master degree. The duration of second cycle studies for MSc degree – 2 years (part-time studies – 3 years). After Master studies the diploma of Master degree is conferred and the graduates have a right to be admitted to the third cycle doctoral studies.



The main study volume unit is study subject (or module), which includes various forms of studies: lectures, laboratory work, training, seminars, student’s individual work, projects etc. The unit of subject volume is credit. The duration and extent of studies are expressed in ECTS credit points. One credit point refers to 26,7 hours.
The academic year includes two semesters. Each semester comprising 20 week including examination time and it is equivalent 30 ECTS. One academic year have 60 ECTS credits (including at least 2400 study hours in auditorium). General volume of Bachelor study program in ASU is not less than 240 ECTS credits. After Bachelor studies the graduate can continue the studies in Master degree (MSc) studies. Students need to collect 120 ECTS credits for MSc degree.
A student admitted on to a degree programme is eligible to receive the Diploma upon successful completion of corresponding number of credits and after successful defence of final degree work. Compulsory parts of doctoral studies are studies, research and dissertation.