Lectures in Latvia University of Agriculture


During 18-21 of april lecturer Giedrius Balevičius and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Donatas Rekus from Institute of Land Management and Geomatics read lectures in Latvia University of Agriculture, by theme „Application of modern technologies in determination of geodetic height system“. They read lectures about different leveling methods (geometric, trigonometric, GNSS), its precision, use and historical development, also costs of leveling measurement results and amount of invested work also current height system in Baltic countries and its output parameters. In the lectures were analyzed new height system implementation in Baltic countries, its technical need and political motivation, aim and system users, as well possible solutions and their justification of height system existence. We have field workshops and acquainted best practices in innovative education methods usage and in creation of innovative content of study programs and subjects. Practical seminars had a goal to finalize teamwork of different students groups, while theoretical lessons are intended to clarify all unclear issues related to different topics in particular Baltic country. During journey it was very important to get acquainted with the process of organizing studies (study programs, subjects) and to present our study programs and professional experience too in order to expand collaboration among institutions (teachers/studens mobility, common applied research).


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