SNS EFINORD Matchmaking day in Alnarp


On May 8th lect. dr. Ekaterina Makrickiene from the Institute of Forest Biology and Silviculture, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Ecology, took part in the Matchmaking day, which took place in the campus of Swedish Agricultural University (SLU) in Alnarp, Sweden. The event was organized by SNS (Nordic Forest Research) and EFINORD (North European Regional Office of the European Forest Institute). The organizers have spread 10 travel and accommodation grants for the young researchers. The Matchmaking day was aimed to train the networking skills and develop future research teams. During the day, the participants took part in individual and group exercises, listened to the lecture about the psychological climate and creativity in the group, given by Eva Hoff from Lund University, and got the valuable information about possible project funding from SNS and EFINORD. The researchers from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Brazil and Israel had an opportunity to share their experience and ideas both in formal and informal atmosphere and possibly find the collaborators for the future research projects.