Teaching in Tartu at the BOVA intensive courses


ASU has a long-term cooperation experience with the Estonian University of Life Sciences in Tartu: both universities are BOVA University members, university departments, scientists involved in jointly organized conferences, scientific and educational workshops, preparation of the proposals and undertaking joint research and study projects, both university professors and students are actively involved BOVA and ERASMUS exchange programs.

Professor Kestutis Navickas teaching visit at Estonia took place according to jointly tuned master’s course program. The students were introduced to the food waste problem in the world, in Europe and in individual countries; waste generation trends for management strategies and technologies used for recycling. It was presented the knowledge on the capabilities of food waste processing into biogas, process technology, outputs of main and by-products, energetic and environmental efficiency. Students took place in two production enterprises to access the processes and equipment of food processing waste into biogas and composting.

Classes were held as a lectures, exercises and visits to enterprises. Students had to develop a single project of recycling plan for generated food waste by the tasks which were received in advance. Course was integrated into postgraduate course programme organized by the BOVA University. Course was attended by 22 students from 11 countries.

Teachers of the 4 European countries attended the sessions. During the training was the opportunity to listen the lecturing course of other teachers involved, to visit the companies with professional guidance on food waste and recycling technologies. It was a good opportunity to be introduced with teaching and student assessment methods applied by the colleagues. It has been discussed the organisation possibilities of other similar courses and other forms of cooperation.



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