ASU Professor of the Faculty of Economics and Management visited at Perugia University in Italy


ASU Professor of the Faculty of Economics and Management in meetings with students, fellow professors and professionals for sustainable rural territory development at Perugia University in Italy

Professor dr. Asta Raupeliene from the Faculty of Economics and Management, Institute of Business and Rural Development management has visited the Perugia University in Italy under the ERASMUS+ programme from 6 to 10 of November 2017. The lectures for Master students and the professors in the field of Strategic Ecosystem service management were given. There was considerable discussion of: a) How inter- and trans- disciplinary research can contribute to decision making for Ecosystem development in rural territories? B) How to provide demand-driven information for European policy decision makers?

During the visit Prof. dr. Asta Raupeliene was invited to take part in the seminar under the topic “Territory Economy and Sustainable Rural Development“. The seminar was organized by the The main aims of the seminar – to create a meeting opportunity for researchers and practitioners as scholars on rural territory development. Fernanda Cecchini, Assessor of Agriculture, Environment and Culture of the Umbria Region, three Presidents: Prof. Leonardo Casini (Ce.S.E.T – Centro di studi per l’Estimo e l’Economia del territorio); Prof. Pietro Pulina (SIEA – Società Italiana di Economia Agroalimentare); Prof. Francesco Marangon (SIDEA – Società Italiana di Economia Agraria); and others scientists and practitioners actively participated in the discussions about the vision for the future of Rural Territory and Economic development. The discussions were moderated by prof. Adriano Ciani, General Secretary of AMAR-WFARA.

The meetings with pedagogical and research staff of Perugia university were held based on Erasmus programme. Prof. Dr. Asta Raupeliene met with colleagues Prof. Dr. Adriano Ciani, assoc. prof. Enrico Marone, Prof. Gaetano Martino, Prof. Antonio Boggia, dr. Lucia Rocchi, dr. Filippo Fiume Fagioli and others representatives of Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences at Perugia University. There were discussed about the cooperation on the research and studies, joint research projects and exchange of knowledge.