Environmental Laboratory

The main aim of this laboratory is to carry out basic and applied laboratory research on Ecology, Environment and Environmental Engineering study fields. The main purpose of this laboratory is to conduct scientific research, promote scientific knowledge and to be part of the University’s study process. The laboratory carries out research work, studies and services in the following areas: Scientific research – conducting quality tests of agro, hydro and forest ecosystems. Study field – conducting lab work of bachelor, master and PhD students service provision – conducts research on environmental topics information and communication departments – organizes seminars, consultations, competitions, open days, communication via various social media channels


  • Environmental factors on soil, water and plant materials properties in the system soil- water-plant


  • “Biodegradable polymeric composites from organic production waste” (period 2015 – 2018).

The permanent workshops

The quality of drinking water. Prof. dr. Laima Česonienė, laima.cesoniene@asu.lt

Organic production in Lithuania. Dr. Daiva Šileikienė, daiva.sileikiene@asu.lt

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