Laboratory of automatic control of machines, technological systems and processes

Laboratory of automatic control of machines, technological systems and processes was established in the creation of the Valley Nemunas. Scientists of laboratory give advises for industry professionals, designers and energy specialists in the fields of energy processes automation, process control and visualization, automation, hybrid systems management, renewable energy installation issues. The laboratory collaborates with various companies and organizations providing diagnostics of hydraulic systems, improvements hydraulic systems and their efficiency, tractor power measurement, research of fuel consumption and engine dynamic processes, economic indicators and environmental consultancy. The laboratory maintains business relations with Austria, Denmark, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Germany and other countries, educational institutions, businesses companies and organizations. Laboratory’s scientists carry out research for business enterprises, research institutions and funds.


  • Automation of energy processes, automatics, hybrid systems, renewable energy sources, process control, process visualization, diagnostics of hydraulic systems.
  • Research of machines, hydraulic systems and improving the efficiency, investigation of tractors, power measurement, studies of fuel consumption, engine power and vehicle dynamic processes, economic indicators and environmental impact.


Improvement of the indicators of Mobile technics energy and environment.


  • Automation of energy objects;
  • Measurements of various indicators;
  • Measurements of physical units remotely;
  • Calibration of other devices;
  • Investigation of vacuum, flat plate and air solar collectors;
  • Investigation and inspection of efficiency of solar collectors;
  • Investigation of low power generators of wind power plants;
  • Diagnostics of hydraulic systems;
  • Diagnostics of hydraulic systems of mobile machines, industrial devices and other hydraulic systems;
  • Diagnostics of tractor`s power, fuel consumption, speed and acceleration with mobile device.

The permanent workshops

  • Demonstration of solar collectors;
  • Demonstration of PV and solar power plants equipment;
  • Equipment of tractor`s exploitation indicators;
  • Servo and stepper motors control systems.


  • Consultation in automatic control and renewable energy sectors;
  • Perform automation of energetic objects and measurements of various indicators for industry, science and education organizations.



  • EU FP7 project „Added value from high protein & high o ii industrial co-streams. KBBE.2011.3.4-01 ). 20112014.

Experimental development results

  • Developed laboratory demonstration stand „automatic control of Technological processes“. This equipment is frequently installed in energy supply and renewable energy systems in order to increase the efficiency of control processes. Introduced such systems allow to control various devices remotely via the Internet or GSM networks. By optimal use of technological devices can be reduced energy consumption processes, increase productivity and quality of works.
  • A unique data collection system was developed. data is collected and stored in the database server. These data can be accessed via the Internet (biodujos.ebii. lt). Access to the data is protected, and can only be seen to authorised users. Online users can remotely monitor the progress of the experiment. The system is adapted to the English and Italian languages, making it available to foreign students.
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