Laboratory of biological waste and by-products usage

Biological waste and by-product utilization laboratory start its activity since 2012 December 7th, as open access centre „Biosystems engineering, Biomass energy and Water engineering“ which is part of the valley „Nemunas“. Function of Biological waste and by-products utilization laboratory – to carry out fundamental and applied research and experiments in the science field of technology, direction environmental engineering.


  • By-products
  • Bio-waste
  • Biolubricants
  • Biodiesel
  • Lubricating materials
  • Biopolymers


  • Inventory of biological and other organic waste and by-products;
  • Investigation of waste properties and suitability for bio-energy processes;
  • Assessment of organic waste energy value and environmental impact;
  • Optimization of agricultural origin waste collection and recycling technologies.


  • Studies of biolubricants production potential from by-products;
  • Studies of biodiesel fuel production potential from by-products;
  • Search of new raw materials for bio lubricants;
  • Search of new raw materials for bio diesel fuel;
  • Studies of bio-waste usage possibility for lubricating materials production;
  • Studies of bio-waste usage possibility for diesel fuel production.
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