Laboratory of biomass treatment, logistics and solid fuel processes

LRV in 2008 October 1 approved the Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre (Walley) of “Nemunas” development program. Here was set up targeted research centers and laboratories. One of the strategic activities areas are resource-saving technologies and energy from biomass development. By combining of working in this field scientific potential, was founded laboratory of  “Biomass treatment, logistics and solid fuel processes”. Currently, the laboratory is equipped with advanced research equipment, which carries out research of PhD students, master students and performed of contracted research.


Renewable sources of energy, biomass, agricultural products, grains, vegetables, solid biofuel and its preparation, drying, briquetting-granulation processes, properties of biofuels, storehouses, flue gas emissions, the impact on the environment.


Topics of works: Drying, storage and processing technology of products of plant origin; plant biomass storing and preparation for biofuels; Studies product quality testing: their properties, environmental and technological factors influence on  of  the products quality; Optimization of solid biofuel treatment and logistics technology; Studies of biofuel conversion technologies, ash content, ash melting and smoke emission.

Project: „Artemisia dubia research of chemical composition and biomass thermochemical conversion“, The period of execution 2014 – 2016 m. Partner LAMMC ŽI.


Analysis, design and assessment of drying, storage and processing technologies of  products of plants origin; Usage solar energy for drying technology; Analysis of biofuel production and preparation technologies; Studies of solid biofuel properties: moisture content, fractional composition, calorific value, ash content, ash melting temperature, pellets and briquettes stability and exhaust gases emission; Materials of thermal conductivity tests. assessment of energy efficiency and environmental impact.


  • Analysis, design and assessment of drying, storage and processing technologies of products of plants origin.