Laboratory of Game Management

Game population management:

Age determination by morphology of wild animals; distance tracking, registration and census of wild animals; habitat suitability for wild animals evaluation; morphometrical studies and analysis of wild animals; analyze of game animals meat sensory characteristics and quality; evaluation of game trophy quality; environmental impact evaluation of game animals.

Game animals captive breeding, (re)acclimatization:

Infrastructure planning for captive breeding of even-toed ungulates (wild boar, follow deer’s, mouflons, red deer’s); development of recommendations for wild animals captive breeding; fallow deer ‘s acclimatization programs development and realization; evaluation of acclimatized wildlife population; game management planning; preparation, development and submission for legal approval game management plans; adjustment of game management plans; planning and designing bio-technical and technological facilities.


Game population management;

Wildlife animal captive breeding, acclimatization and reacclimatization;

Game management planning.


Evaluation of game population impact on forest ecosys­tem – research of game species (mammals and birds) impact on arboreal and herbal vegetation, animals. Recommendations for negative impact reduction.

Endangered game species bioecological evaluation – studies on endangered wildlife species ecology, ethol­ogy. Population management recommendations.

The evaluation of invasive game species populations – studies on invasive wildlife species ecology, ethology. Population management recommendations.

Studies in game management properties and evalua­tion of it’s wildlife population status – evaluation of the quality of the property, status and state of game spe­cies populations. Preparation of Game management plans for individual game management properties as well as extensive areas.

Game species acclimatization and acclimatization studies – evaluation of environmental suitability for planned (re) acclimatized game species, acclimatization process planning.


The organization of annual scientific-practical confer­ence „Wildlife, forest and human interaction“;

Supervision of master level program „Wildlife re­courses and it‘s management“;

Organized international short therm courses for game management specialists and hunters.



Head of ASU Laboratory of game management
doc. dr. Kęstutis Pėtelis
Ph. +370 37 752276