Laboratory of Geomatics

Functions of Laboratory of Geomatics are implementation of fundamental and applied researches in geomatics in the field of agricultural and technological science, development of international cooperation and innovation, dissemination of scientific knowledge.


  • Aerial photography, including the use of manned andunmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), camera calibration, photogrammetry, including production of ortophotomaps and 3D models, image interpretation (Enso-MOSAIC, CalCam, SeamLineEditor, EspaCity, Ortho-Engine software and digital stereo photogrammetric workstations are used).
  • Hyperspectral imaging. Two hyperspectral cameras – Themis Vision Systems „VNIR 400-H“ and RIKOLA hyperspectral (spectral range: 400-1000 nm and 500-900 nm; spectral resolution 0.5 nm and 8 nm respectively) – are used. Cameras can be installed on aircraft or used in laboratory. HYPERVISUAL and ENVI software are used for analysis of hyperspectral images. Research fi elds: environment protection, bio-medicine, materials science, food safety, agriculture, forestry, etc.
  • Object-based image and laser scanning data processing – Trimbe eCognition Developer and eCognition Server software are used.
  • Trainings, courses and also consultations, publication of educational material, tutorials, etc. on remotesensing and GIS.


  • Aerial photography using manned aircraft, photogrammetric processing and analysis of aerial images;
  • Aerial photography using UAVs, photogrammetric processing and analysis of aerial images;
  • 3D models for laser based and photogrammetric aswell as hybrid point clouds;
  • Hyperspectral imaging using manned aircraft, processing and interpretation of hyperspectral images, building spectral libraries;
  • Design and development of spatial databases;
  • Advanced research in the fi eld of spatial analyses and modelling;
  • Development and installation of remote sensing and GIS-based solutions;
  • Consultation in all aspects of Geomatics.


Equipment of Laboratory used in research project, fi nanced by Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania and ES:

  • „Specifi c, genetic diversity and sustainable development of Scots pine forest to mitigate the negative eff ects of increased human pressure and climate change“, Nr. VP1-3.1-ŠMM-08-K-01-025.

Equipment of Laboratory used in Innovation Project, ordered by private business:

  • Project “Research on development of remote sensing technology for earth observation”.
  • Project “Applied Research of new remote sensing systems”.
  • Project “Research on GPS and fi eld computers based survey inside forest“.


  • Developed technologies for aerial photography, using unmanned or ultra-light aircraft, and photogrammetric production. Currently, Laboratory of Geomatics is the only local provider of aerial photography services using manned ai rcraft in Lithuania.
  • Improved forest monitoring methods using modern remote sensing.
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