Laboratory of Progressive Agricultural Engineering

The main is to undertake basic, applied and adaptive research leading to the development and improvement of equipment, technology and processes for agricultural and rural sectors.  Comprises a substantial capacity in terms of laboratories, instruments, support workshops, library and computer infrastructure enabling to undertake a wide range of agricultural engineering projects.


  • Soil, environment and energy-saving tillage, seeding and harvesting technologies and machines and investigation of their processes, optimization design and technological parameters;
  • Analysis of systems for precision agriculture;
  • Energy crops harvesting and preparation for fuel technologies qualitatively, energy and environmental assessment, optimization of plant biomass preparation and usage for conversion methods and technical means.


  • 7BP (7FP) project FP7-ERANET-2013-RTD. Information and Communication Technologies and Robotics for Sustainable Agriculture. ICT-AGRI-2 Grant Nr. 618123. Project duration: from 01.01.2014 to 30.12.2017. The coordinator in Lithuania S. Petkevičius, promoters: E. Šarauskis, R. Domeika, D. Steponavičius, A. Kemzūraitė, R. Zinkevičius, Z. Kriaučiūnienė.


Investigation of soil properties in situ with Veris 3150 MSP:

  • measure the apparent soil electrical conductivity;
  • determine the soil pH;
  • determine the organic matter content in soil.

Investigation of soil properties in situ and in laboratory with Veris P4000 (characterization soil profiles with spectrometer 350–2200 nm wave range till 1 m depth):

  • measure the apparent soil electrical conductivity;
  • measure the resistance to penetration of the soil;
  • determine the carbon content in soil.

Investigation of soil properties in field and in laboratory:

  • measure the carbon dioxide concentration in the soil with the soil meter Honold G200-X;
  • determine the porosity and density of soil with the vacuum air pycnometer Eijkelkamp;
  • determine the maximum shearing force with the field inspection vane tester;
  • measure the moisture content of soil and the resistance to penetration of the soil in situ with penetrologger Eijkelkamp;
  • measure of attracing forces of agricultural machines with Dynafor LLXh device.

Testing field sprayers and sprayers for wine-growing, fruit-culture and hop-culture:

  • measure the vertical distribution of sprayers forwine-growing, fruit-culture and hop-culture;
  • determine the flow rate of nozzles;
  • testing the pumps, manometers and flow rate measurement devices.

Research of physical-mechanical properties of agricultural products and soil particles with Instron 5960:

  • materials tensile, compressive, stretch, peeling, bend, tear, and other investigation;
  • determine the elasticity of materials.

Investigation of energy plant cultivation, maintenance, harvesting and preparation for the conversion technologies and machinery:

  • research of wood waste and coarse-energy plant shredding process;
  • determination of chopped wood waste and coarse-energy plants, such as willows, chaff quality.
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