Laboratory of technology safety

In 1996 Laboratory of Working conditions was established as a unit of Department of Occupational Safety and Management. In 1997 this laboratory was certified by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania for investigation of risk factors in working and residential environments. In 2001 laboratory was reformed to the Laboratory of Working Conditions and Machinery Safety while during the period 2003–2008 was accredited by Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau for investigation of risk factors in working environment and machinery noise and vibration testing. Since year 2011 laboratory is a unit of the institute of Agricultural Engineering and Safety. Mission of the Laboratory is to safeguard against risk factors arising from new and existing bio-systems and bioenergetic technologies as well as to implement technical means for safety improvement.


  • Research of acoustic noise and mechanical vibration generated by machinery, tools or equipment. Modelling and design of technical solutions for noise and vibration reduction.
  • Measurement of particulate matters, acoustic noise and mechanical vibration, electromagnetic fields (EMF), thermal parameters of the environment as well as implementation of technical-organizational solutions for management of risk factors.
  • Motion analysis of human body movements and hand grip force analysis of various tools and equipment (especially hand-held).


  • Risk factor identification in working and residential environments as well as implementation of risk reduction solutions, spread of good practice to society related to human safety.
  • Noise exposure risk assessment methodology in workplaces was prepared. Research of vibration, noise particulate matters and other risk factors. Methodology for investigation of vibration transmission to ergonomic system were carried out.
  • Supervision of annual International Scientific-practical Conference “Human and Nature Safety”.


  • Measurements of acoustic noise and mechanical vibration;
  • Ergonomic measurements of palm and finger grip forces;
  • Assessment in of physical environmental pollution;
  • Consultancy services related to the questions of occupational safety and health and risk management.
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